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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Song For You | Characters

 This story is dedicated to Cassiopeia all around the world. Always keep the faith. :)


Like ice, the embraced heart slowly starts to thaw...

Dia adalah gadis yang sedingin salji di musim sejuk. Dia tidak pernah mengizinkan sesiapa pun untuk masuk ke dunianya kerana dia sendiri masih keliru.

Dia lelaki hebat. Dia punya segala. Dia juga pencinta setia. Namun, hatinya masih kosong. Mengapa dia harus dilahirkan di dalam dunia yang sentiasa menentang kehadirannya.

Mereka berdua dari dua dunia berbeza tetapi memiliki cerita yang hampir serupa. Pertemuan pertama yang tidak dirancang, pertemuan kedua juga tidak disengajakan, adakah pertemuan ketiga layak digelar sebagai takdir?

Lee Hanah (18)

To Park Jae Young : If it was me, I′d make your heart warm once more with eternal tenderness...

Park Jae Young (20)

To Lee Hanah: The place for you is here, don′t be afraid and don′t hesitate anymore, because I will protect you...

Yoon Ji Na (20)

To Park Jae Young: say if my wish could come true, would someone please cast magic on you so thatno tears of sadness would ever have to fall down your face...

Cho Jung Min (18)

To Lee Hanah: From the first day that I met youI felt like I knew you baby, why did I end up falling for you?

Han Hyunsu (20)

To Lee Ha Ru: Even though a lot of time passes, it’s still awkward without you here, my little princess.

Park Min Ji (18) 

To Shim Woo Min: Perhaps, the reason I only look at you from afar, like a fool, is for fear that you may turn your face away, and you and I may drift further apart...

Shim Woo Min (18)

To Park Min Ji: Love, what is it?

Lee Ha Ru (20)

To Han Hyunsu: If our fates aren't linked I'll stop to breath, I'll turn into a star to watch over you...

 Cho Hae Ra (18)

To Park Jae Young: Oppa, you’re mine. Have I told you before?

Theme Song : Love in The Ice-DBSK

Other songs included:

1) My Little Princess-DBSK

2) Begin-DBSK

3) Memories-Aragaki Yui

Selamat membaca semua =D
Terima Kasih. ^^


Haruno Hana 하나 said...

Always Keep The Faith!!!

Ayumiyoshida said...

Thanks~ Harap akan terus baca dan beri nasihat serta pandangan.^^
AKTF! <3