With love, Me. ^^

Happy 7th anniversary to TVXQ. Whenever I say TVXQ, it means five. Forever. I may not a dedicated fan who will spend her day and night trending your name on twitter, being admin of fan-base accounts, take part in forum discussion or buying all of your albums, singles and merchandises, because I'm merely a little girl who has nothing. Neither time nor money. The only thing that I can promise is, no matter who you are, JYJ or HoMin, my bias or not, and no matter where I stand, who I'll be, I'll listen to you forever. Can I say, my music is my life..? lol. and believe me, you're my melody. Melody is a part of music, ain't it? And yeah, what else (money is not counted here, love too. yes bcoz we know everyone loves money and people need love) could bring happiness to a singer or musician except knowing the fact that there is someone in this world appreciates his pieces?^^

And yeah, the same goes with NEWS too. Your Never Ending Wonderful Story will never fade, at least from my memories. :)

To myself, readers, TVXQ, NEWS, and anyone who happen to stumble across this blog, No matter where you stand, or how hard it can be, always believe, tomorrow will definitely comes. Brings hope. God always with us. Kanarazu asuwa kuru kara.

With love,
Me ^^

Love letter :)

Mula busy dengan Uni. The cycle repeats again-Lab reports, assignments, viva, quizes, tests, lectures, blablabla everything. However, akan cuba update sekerap mungkin. Please, bear with me okay? ^^

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cover A Song For You


i’m supposed to do my never ending online assignments and study for tomorrow’s quiz but well, looks like im slaking again. shame on you Nurul. Gezz. Never mind, i just love those pics and put them on one canvas, to make it as my so called novel’s cover. oh im just lovin it! oh yeah, im not a pro in photoshop and i dont do anything so called ‘technologies’ and whatsoever. and i dont even use photoshop. See, how kesian? photoshop pun tak ada. kalau ada pun belum tentu reti guna. hahaha. Any comments? i hope you guys like it. tolong bagi feedback ya? ^^



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